Project Name: Solar Action Alliance

After selling Quit Smoking Community, I embarked on a new adventure in the solar industry. Solar Action Alliance is a platform to connect homeowners with residential solar installers. The website is built as a resource for prospective solar customers to learn more about the ins and outs of solar in their city and state.

Early on in this project, we realized we had to pivot from SEO to Facebook Advertising and AdWords as our main traffic source. It is difficult for a national website to rank for local search terms and so we were not gaining the traction we needed in organic search. But pivoting to paid advertising was the best thing we could have done.

Solar Action Alliance grew year over year, recently reaching 7-figure revenues, as we constantly worked to increase conversion rate on our landing pages, improve targeting and ad copy in our advertising, and build relationships with lead buyers.

I stepped back into an advisory role in this business as I decided to pursue school and a more traditional career in marketing. You can find the website here: Solar Action Alliance

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