Project Name: Quit Smoking Community

Quit Smoking Community was a company that I co-founded in 2013. The website was created as a resource to help people quit smoking through all different methodologies: cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and electronic cigarettes.

I utilized my expertise in SEO and content strategy to build up the site from a freshly registered domain name to an industry powerhouse in 2 years. grew to 10,000 unique visitors per day, over $1MM in annual profits, and top rankings on Google for such terms as 'quit smoking', 'nicotine withdrawal', and 'electronic cigarette'.

I was responsible for all website content and on-page SEO, as well as our social media presence, community management, and new product development. We eventually expanded successfully into reviewing and promoting other smoking-related products such as herbal vaporizers and even our own 30 Day Quit Smoking Program.

I left the business when we were acquired by The website has since been redirected to that domain name, but you can see it here:

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